Designing effective shopfloor management solutions

Collecting and analysing data from your production facilities

Systematic shopfloor management gives decision-makers key insights into the source of value creation – the production line. Companies that do not yet operate a shop floor management system would be served well by testing the advantages of real-time data collection and production control using Promatix tools by means of a pilot project in specific areas of production. The benefits of specific shopfloor management measures are immense:

•    Deviations are quickly identified and you can respond with equal speed
•    Problems are eliminated sustainably and systematically
•    The use of resources can be optimally planned and executed
•    Processes and procedures are optimised and stabilised
•    Reliable data is made available for planning and control
•    The potential for optimisation can be clearly identified and documented
•    All target and actual states are transparent and traceable
•    Communications are better and more objective
•    Teams can be incorporated specifically to optimise production
•    The burden placed on staff is eased, and employees are motivated to work towards  designing processes of change

Shopfloor management as a bridge between leadership and production

DShopfloor management is specifically intended to link the optimisation of production systems with staff communication and your leadership style. To this end, Promatix not only delivers the performance figures you need – we can also support employees by providing simple and motivating tools for controlling production processes. For example, monitors can be installed on each machine, giving an accurate overview of job-related data, the condition of the machine, production progress and the utilisation of the plant during a shift. And in the event of malfunctions, members of staff are able to quickly intervene. For management personnel, Promatix solutions offer numerous options for analysing and evaluating production data, machine utilisation and productivity so that improvements and changes to shopfloor management are possible at any time.

Comprehensive leadership instead of simple control

Employee management occupies a central role in terms of shopfloor management, because instead of focusing on conventional ideas of performance criteria and targets, it is about leadership at the point of creation, i.e. on the production line itself. For this reason, management personnel that operate some kind of shopfloor management should, above all, get involved in communication and knowledge sharing with employees and integrate them responsibly into processes. Promatix therefore offers a useful framework for this purpose, with valid performance data helping to make production processes more transparent. These allow you to agree clear objectives and incorporate your employees into the process.

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