Optimising productivity using real-time data

Design and improve manufacturing concepts in a sustainable way

One thing is clear. There is no magic formula for optimising productivity in businesses. This is because problems are often as multifaceted and distinct as the firms themselves. A more decisive factor for optimising productivity, however, is the power to identify the cause of potential productivity losses through specific analyses involving sufficient volumes of up-to-date and relevant data. Only when the causes and potential issues have been identified can practical measures be introduced to optimise productivity.

Defining and adapting fields of application

A number of different factors can be identified and taken into account when it comes to optimisation of productivity. Alongside materials and energy productivity, this particularly includes resource and labour productivity. Resource productivity can be boosted by taking all measures targeted at maintaining the condition of machines. This includes key pieces of information like the performance level and service life, as well as the availability and upkeep of machines.

Eliminating the sources of disruption for good

In general, a certain degree of disruption in the production process is inevitable. It is possible, however, to minimise the type, extent and costs of such disruptions – provided the data from the machines has been collected and can be analysed according to the specified criteria. Here is where the wide range of Promatix solutions can be used to optimise productivity, giving you the power to rapidly detect, analyse and sustainably eliminate sources of disruption.

Promatix: Optimising productivity using real-time data.
Verbesserung der Arbeitsproduktivität
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Boosting labour productivity

Labour productivity can also be increased by implementing carefully designed processes. For example, waiting times for humans and machines are clearly areas where productivity can be improved. When you are aware of such productivity reserves, you are able to introduce efficiency and added value to your production processes in order to meet your specific business goals. The tools from Promatix give you the power to identify and analyse productivity reserves in a reliable way. Changes in the production process can be continuously checked for their effectiveness and documented.

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