OEE data in real time for improved productivity

Read off machine data live instead of analysing it later

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Three factors are measured to calculate the OEE value:

  • Performance (actual performance / target performance)
  • Machine availability (idle or running)
  • Quality of the parts produced

The OEE parameters can be used to determine how value-creating an individual system is. The data from all of the systems together yields the OEE value of the production facility as a whole. If the OEE data is documented in real time, read out and analysed, control options within the production process become available very quickly. Causes of low productivity can therefore be quickly spotted right where they are developing. The route to systematic improvement of the entire production process therefore becomes clear. Current disruptions or problems can be rapidly eliminated - an important ability, especially in interlinked systems.

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Minimising machine or process-dependent losses in a targeted manner

With OEE, the factors of quality, performance and availability are put into context, and each individual factor can be specifically influenced. The faster problems are resolved at the individual points, the faster production can resume - representing a clear advantage in terms of added value. Effective shop floor management depends on production teams gathering and acting on OEE data where required. This requires the machine operator himself to have an overview of the real-time data of his machine, set out in a logical and informative way. It is also important to understand that OEE does not measure the productivity of employees, but rather of the process. The classical areas of loss include:

  • Waiting times
  • Short downtimes
  • Faults
  • Reduced speed
  • Rejects
  • Reworking of parts

The OEE data helps to delineate the losses more accurately, allowing solutions to be found. If this data is available in real time, this accelerates the process and improves the machine operator's motivation.

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