MES for systematic production planning

Leadership, management and control – immediately tap into productivity potential

The term MES (manufacturing execution system) refers to a complex array of tools for state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing. The MES is connected directly into process automation systems and individual machines, thus enabling monitoring, control and oversight of the manufacturing process in real time.

Detailed process mapping with MES

An MES is a multi-layer system which maps out the actual manufacturing process and reports to the higher levels of the enterprise resource management (ERP) system. Its primary role is to implement production planning and to feed back data from the manufacturing process in order to verify the planning data. The term “manufacturing execution system” was coined in the US back in the mid-1990s. Due to ever growing manufacturing complexity on the one hand and quickly changing requirements on the other, the time was right to introduce new systems. As an integrated system, the MES is intended to provide quick-response support for routine tasks in a production line.

MES systems can perform the following tasks:

•    Parallel planning and control of manufacturing processes in multiple areas
•    Improving resource utilisation
•    Ensuring traceability
•    Collecting product data relating to process and quality
•    Collecting data on production characteristics such as OEE
•    Ensuring preventive maintenance based on usage monitoring
•    Planning the availability of tools
•    Improving the productivity of machines and equipment

Do away with piles of improvised lists

The MES tool provided by Promatix eases the burden of manufacturing management on the shop floor. While previously countless spreadsheets had to be compiled in order to maintain some level of control over the volume of data, Promatix tools ensure a transparent and reliable flow of data. Important data is displayed in real time directly on the machine’s online monitor so that on-site staff are able to intervene if necessary. Management staff also have a range of options at their disposal for collecting all data for analysis, control or for establishing key performance indicators.

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