Documenting manual workstations efficiently

Here comes the data with the potential for added value

Added value is created in production operations through handling processes. And this is precisely where the potential for improvement lies in many companies. Manual workstations especially are often largely un-standardised and offer lots of scope to carry out activities differently. This is often also due to the fact that, with a glut of small series to complete, there is barely any time to regularly convert manual workstations and adapt them to the realities of production. The Pro X Smart Factory software from Promatix shows exactly where potential savings can be found for manual workstations.

The software solution for manual workstations

Production companies with discrete production divide the production process into numerous individual activities. These include, for example:

  •     Assembly activities, fully or partially automated
  •     Manual workstations
  •     Manual checking activities
  •     Automated systems
  •     Fully automated production lines

While it is relatively easy to read out production data from most systems, manual workstations are often only documented using the number of units produced. The Pro X Smart Factory software from Promatix gathers the data at the manual workstations and enters it into a database. Operational data as well as data from the relevant production stage (PDE) is provided at the manual workstation for visualisation and analysis. The software gives employees important information that can be crucial for a smooth production process. For example:

  •     Assembly instructions
  •     Testing instructions
  •     Technical drawings

The entire production process, including manual workstations, becomes transparent. It is possible to read off at any time which order is in which stage of processing. Thanks to traceability, the product's path through the individual processes and stages or production is documented.

Managing high numbers of variants and short delivery times

There are numerous manual workstations in assembly or final assembly. Flexibility, reliability and efficiency are the major challenges that employees have to face here. Systems for manual workstations should therefore first and foremost provide support. Reliable data can be used to determine where the crunch points are for manual workstations. This means that equipment times can be documented, as can the processing duration or material flow.

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