Transformation of automation on the production line

The digital revolution is enabling proactive decision-making

The automation of production lines is developing hand-in-hand with the digital transformation of businesses. This has introduced a number of fundamental changes in structures and processes:

•    The predominantly mechanised orientation of production processes is taking more account of human organisational factors.
•    Functional structures are being subsumed into process-oriented systems.
•    Predominantly reactive processes and being transformed into proactive ones.

When introducing automation to production lines, it is particularly important to make an automated flow of information available which can accommodate this digital transformation. For many manufacturing firms, this will first mean doing away with paper lists and logs, and instead recording and making available all data pertaining to production in digital format. With this in mind, Promatix has developed PRO XXL – a tool which is used by Industry 4.0 to capture data from all machines and systems in real time and make it available around the clock for analysis or production control. In addition, PRO XXL can control the production process between a number of different production lines.

Automating the flow of information

According to experts, the potential for automation of production lines lies in the design of information flow. So our software will therefore have an important role to play in the digital revolution. Whether you need planning systems, process visualisation, process control, quality control loops or information management – Promatix tools can be integrated into a wide range of existing systems (such as SAP) and used on your production line for control or monitoring applications. The automation systems of production lines can be made supremely efficient by introducing continuous data collection and analysis.

Do you want to raise your game when it comes to production line automation in your business? Try Promatix tools and see what they can offer. We can link up all machines and systems and thus enable the digital transformation of your business – call us now on +49 (0) 7392 – 709 16 38 or send us an e-mail at info(at)promatix(dot)de.