Solutions for sustainable productivity enhancement

Promatix collects real-time data continuously – from manual workstations to the automated production line

While the conventional strategy for increasing productivity is based on keeping output constant while reducing consumption of resources, the focus of modern solutions is very different. The new approach involves monitoring and improving the production process on a continuous basis in order to increase production output through ongoing and sustainable optimisation.

Promatix solutions for the entire production process

Our practical solutions make use of consistently applied measures in order to boost productivity. To this end, assessments must be conducted to identify where time can be saved and costs can be reduced, as well as where quality can be improved. This is where Promatix solutions come in, using sensors to record the relevant data of the entire production process in real time – from manual workstations to individual machines and automated systems. Information is then added systematically to this data by the employees, creating a layer of information that includes machine data, operating data and information from the system’s organisational environment. The overall dataset covers the overall shift, setup times, production times and downtimes for each order or product.

Solutions for sustainable productivity enhancement.
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Process design for enhanced productivity

Meticulous process analysis provides the basis for optimisation measures. Continuous data collection is important to ensure processes are not monitored only by one-off tests or random samples. Promatix solutions use sensors that are mostly already built into the machines and systems in order to collect the required data from the production flow. The data is collected on a continuous basis and in real time, supplemented with information from employees and then submitted ready for analysis. In this way, processes can be structured on a fundamental level and acute problems can be eliminated quickly.

Breaking down complex processes and make them transparent through useful solutions

Production processes consist of complex groups of activities which work in tandem to transform the input into the desired output. Processes which add value to this result should be developed further, while those that do not add value are eliminated. Therefore, modern manufacturing firms depend on reliable solutions for tracking and evaluating performance.

Choosing the solutions offered by Promatix will ensure you have a formidable edge over competitors in terms of knowing how your business works. Use the tool for an initial no-risk trial period and experience the advantages for yourself. Call us on +49 (0) 7392 - 709 16 38 or send us an e-mail at info(at)promatix(dot)de. We will be happy to advise you further about our solutions.