Spotlight on the production line

Detecting, documenting and analysing weak points

Interruptions to production and machine downtimes not only cost valuable production time, but they also push unit costs upwards. Often, conventional methods are not enough to detect the potential for optimisation - especially in a complex setup such as a production line. With the PRO X L tool, Promatix is solving this problem, since even the tiniest weak points can be detected without intervention into the production process objectively, accurately and independently of personnel.

Always online and clear: using real-time data

PRO X L for the production line gives employees an up-to-date summary of all relevant information at any time via the online monitor. This means that, if production is interrupted, the line graphic highlights which system has caused the interruption. The employees on the production line therefore have the ability to actively support and shape the production process, motivating them and encouraging them to use their initiative. The PRO X L terminal not only receives data from the production line,but also allows employees to make comments and add inputs. This reduces the amount of administration required and facilitates a largely paperless process.

Screening of SMD production lines

PRO X L was developed especially for SMD lines and takes account of the system interlinking in this sector in a very special way. The interface signals are captured using sensor mechanisms developed by Promatix. Within the production line, it is therefore possible to accurately determine which machine has caused the interruption. Screening of the SMD line therefore becomes possible, highlighting actual opportunities for optimisation within a fully automated production line. Via the CIP Generator, the team is guided with facts towards possible optimisation projects within the production line. This means that the solution can be started without losing time and without the tedious process of troubleshooting.

Management receives all data on the production line

Both the online monitor on the production line and the graphic reports prepared via the SQL database provide insight into the production line's productivity. All of the data is available in real time and is later available for more detailed analyses. Together, it forms the basis for effective shop floor management. Recurring problems can be specifically resolved so that structured improvement processes can result in a sustainable increase in productivity for the entire production line.

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