Document manual workstations with PROXS and create transparency

Overview of ongoing orders and parts flows

The right use of KPIs an important factor for companies in their efforts to boost performance. However these KPIs first have to be available. At manual workstations especially in the context of discrete production, such availability is not easy to achieve. However Promatix has developed PROXS Smart Factory, a solution that can also fully document production at manual workstations and therefore provide greater transparency in production.

Equipping and connecting manual workstations

For production data to be captured, each manual workstation is equipped with sensors and/or reader equipment. This determines the processing time spent on individual workpieces. The unique identification of products allows product-specific information, such as materials, product versions or data from test series to be documented. Directly at the manual workstation is a monitor on which employees are able to receive messages relating to the product in question. These messages may contain assembly instructions or order-related information, for example. Using the dashboard, the employee at the manual workstation registers the job and is able to quickly and conveniently document causes of interruptions to production. All data is captured in real time in the SQL database and is stored there for analysis. The cockpit at the manual workstation ensures all of the latest information is clearly visible, providing motivation and information as well as a better overview of what's going on.

Detecting and eliminating problems

If recurrent problems occur at the manual workstation, these are objectively documented using PROXS Smart Factory. This provides an opportunity to optimise the production processes in the manual workstation section. The reasons for the problems are uncovered - and often they are independent of the employees and process-related. This takes pressure off employees and, through PROXS, they have the ability to notify the production managers of problems with detailed data. There may be difficulties with the flow of materials, for example, a lack of re-tooling at the manual workstation or uncertainty regarding the sequence of the processes involved.

With PROXS Smart Factory, even manual workstations in your company can be documented and analysed. We would be delighted to provide you with information regarding the details. Call us today on +49 (0) 7392 - 709 16 38 or send us an e-mail at info(at)promatix(dot)de