Document and analyse individual machines for measurable increases in production

PROXM from Promatix can connect any machine - including yours

The whole system cannot function any better than its individual constituent parts. It was on the basis of this principle that Promatix created PROXM, a solution for documenting and analysing the productivity of individual machines in real time. There is no requirement to interfere with the machine control in the process. Our experts connect the individual machines either via the OPC bridge (Open Platform Communications), use existing sensors or add them as required. Generally speaking, 70 to 80 per cent of the sensors already present in the individual machines can be used for data capture.

In principle any machine can be connected

Connecting individual machines can be a challenge, especially if the machines involved are older models without pre-configured interfaces. Yet the experts at Promatix have a lot of experience in the field of machine construction and in-depth expertise. In normal cases, every machine can be connected and made ready for data collection within two days. The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the individual machines is then displayed in real time.

Valid data as a basis for making decisions

The continuous collection of real-time data from the individual machines forms a sound basis for management decisions. Planned figures can be evaluated at any time and adapted as required. Downtimes can be unambiguously attributed, for example to setup times, faults or maintenance work. Promatix PROXM for individual machines is not about Big Data, but rather about very specific advantages in production and the direct reduction of lost time. The unit numbers produced and volumes of rejects can also be documented and analysed with PROXM. This means that it is possible to analyse weak spots for every connected individual machine. The potential for optimisation becomes transparent and can be implemented step by step.

Use Promatix PROXM for individual machines in your production process too. We would be happy to advise you and offer you a quote for a trial operation. Rental and leasing are also available. Talk to us today to find out more! Call us on +49 (0) 7392 - 709 16 38 or e-mail us at info(at)promatix(dot)de