Products for production: detect existing optimisation potential

Promatix ensures transparency in production

Despite careful planning and streamlined production processes, it is often difficult in everyday production situations to maintain an overview of what is happening. Unforeseeable events and downtimes especially can cause deviations from the schedule and therefore drops in productivity. Promatix specialises in products for production that display all relevant production data directly on the machine in real time. This means that problems quickly become visible, the production schedule can be adapted to reality and solutions can be found quickly.

Machine downtimes cause deviations - special products for production provide the solution

Promatix products for production are based on data that is gathered on a highly individual basis - as much from manual workstations as from individual machines or on interlinked production lines. The material flow and cycle times of individual workpieces are therefore documented. The major benefit of Promatix products for production lies in the fact that all of the data is digitally available straight away and comprehensible graphical representations of that data can be displayed in real time. Entry into paper lists becomes obsolete. After all, the deviations caused by machine downtimes need not only to be documented, but also more importantly eliminated as quickly as possible so that productivity does not suffer unnecessarily. The Promatix modules also offer the following functions to support the elements required on a modern shop floor:

•    Tool management
•    Service support
•    Traceability
•    Tracking
•    HQL

The automated documentation of energy input and other consumables allows CO2 consumption in production to be documented on the basis of each individual product. Alerts regarding deviations from quality specifications are triggered either via a reporting function or a stop signal, depending on the customer's preferences. The escalation module automatically sends downtime information to the preferred contact as soon as the specified time threshold is reached. This ensures that support is requested in line with the specifications. Where the problem is clear, employees can request assistance straight away with an alarm button.

Promatix Solutions

Objective parameters create a basis for management

Whether it be lean production or Six Sigma, without reliable KPIs, modern management methods for process improvement cannot function. Promatix has therefore developed products for production that can do both: on the one hand, they deliver reliable data that is clearly visible directly in production at each individual machine or system, allowing employees to intervene immediately in the event of a problem. On the other hand, all of the data is also available for superordinate management tasks and can be output and evaluated as required according to various criteria. This means that objective optimisation processes can be determined reliably and implemented efficiently.

Promatix - products for production that ensure transparency in the production process. Problems in production are quickly uncovered and can be permanently eliminated. Call us if you are also interested in improving productivity in your production processes. We would be happy to advise you on the opportunities available to your business. Call us on +49 (0) 7392 - 709 16 38 or e-mail us at info(at)promatix(dot)de