Supplying complete electronics solutions competitively

Software reliably highlights weak spots in the production process

Made in Germany - a promise of quality on its own. On the other hand, for many companies - especially SMEs - it means a tough battle for survival. After all, labour is expensive in Germany: in the German industry sector, one hour of labour costs 47 per cent more than the EU average according to the Federal Office for Statistics. The production process often conceals the potential for more productivity and therefore a real opportunity for many companies. Promatix software solutions show where weak spots or time-consuming processes lie. And they do so just as reliably for manual workstations in electronics production as they do for individual systems or entire production lines.

Electronics system partner Kolb Fertigungstechnik GmbH relies on Promatix

Kolb Fertigungstechnik GmbH is a service provider to the electronics industry. The company's electronic assemblies are used for alarm and fire detection systems, the automotive industry, medical technology or instrumentation and control technology, for example. 200 employees produce SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) components or elements with conventional placing. To strengthen the its competitiveness and market position in the electronics industry, the company has decided to document all of its production data - from input to output. And Kolb found the perfect partner for this in Promatix: the operating data and machine data is continuously recorded and forwarded to the existing ERP system.

SMD electronics lines equipped with Promatix system

Kolb GmbH is gradually moving production over to Promatix software since the increase in productivity is already seriously impressive. Whether it be the lacquering line, visual inspection stations or multi-station placing, all data is documented in real time and potential hidden within electronics production is uncovered. This is how the company in future wants to change its electronics operations to daytime shifts, despite the company's growth.

Whether it be line production or manual workstations, electronics production harbours hidden potential that can be crucial for a company's competitiveness. With Promatix you can uncover weak spots quickly and reliably. Want to know more? Call us on +49 (0) 7392 - 709 16 38
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