Automotive suppliers profit from real-time reporting

Systematic analyses and shop floor management for optimised production

System productivity is crucial, especially in the automotive sector, for keeping the industry's cost pressures under control. Hidden potential therefore needs to be highlighted as quickly and as clearly as possible. With PROXL from Promatix, this is possible in real time, and even for automotive production lines. Automated data capture and analysis can lead to significant increases in productivity: "After we introduced the reporting system, we were able to increase the utilisation of our lines by 26 per cent", reports Ralf Diepers, Production Manager with the automotive supplier Helbako, based in Heiligenhaus near Düsseldorf. Each year, the automotive company and its team of around 250 staff produce more than five million electronic control modules.

Customised analyses and SAP connectivity

With its PROXL solution, Promatix has created a system that precisely meets the needs of the automotive industry. All production data is captured, from the management summary to the detailed analysis of individual line faults. Even a connection to the SAP system is no problem for transferring target values for line performance. Detailed data such as setup times and fault reasons are available at any time at the press of a button.

Automotive sector depends on lean management

The principles of lean management come from the automotive industry, so it is no wonder that lean management also shapes production at Helbako. Significant opportunities for the automotive industry include reduced throughput times and increased levels of plant utilisation. However to achieve these goals, reliable data is needed. This is where Promatix comes in: from manual workstations and individual systems to production lines - every production process can be documented. Targeted data analysis then highlights technical defects as well as organisational problems.

Convenient interface on the system

An online monitor displays the current status of the system in question at all times. The employee therefore sees at a glance whether the machine is running perfectly and producing within the specified time window. For the automotive company Helbako, it is also important that PROXL is more than just a control tool. Its employees have the opportunity to actively shape the production process. "We're now able to work paperlessly in many areas because the data is stored digitally. For our employees, this means significant time savings and fewer tasks to complete", says Ralf Diepers.

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