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Promatix is shining the spotlight on system productivity and helping to spot unused potential

Cost pressures in production are rising inexorably - regardless of whether it be the automotive, plastics processing or foodstuffs industry. So in every industry, the goal is to uncover potential for optimisation in production and to harness it. Often, it is primarily the un-planned downtimes that cause production to veer off schedule and cause falling productivity as a result. With the solutions from Promatix, production data can be captured and analysed in real time in every industry with discrete production.

[Translate to English:] Metallverarbeitung Branche


[Translate to English:] Maschinenbau Branche

Manufacturing systems engineering

[Translate to English:] Kunststoffverarbeitung

Polymer processing

[Translate to English:] Lebensmittelverarbeitung

Food processing

Creating transparency and using time advantages

The trend is heading towards ever more customised products and smaller series, and this is presenting virtually every industry with new challenges. Frequent system setups, changes to the production process and a range of individual orders and products are creating considerable additional work in production across all industries. Promatix solutions create transparency in production and capture every stage of production from manual workstations to individual machines, right through to complex production lines. This means that shift times can be evaluated, setup times documented and optimised or target figures read in digitally.

Productivity boosts can be clearly measured in many industries

Experience with the Promatix tools has already been gathered from numerous industries, and shows significant effects: the increase in production line utilisation is between 15 and 30 per cent in some areas for most companies even after just a short time. With ongoing monitoring of production and analysis of the data collected, further information that can be used in the long term is gathered on hidden potential for optimisation. In principle, all machines and systems can be linked up - either via existing interfaces or via points added by our experts. The control of the systems remains unaffected.

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