Promatix – increasing the competitiveness and success of businesses

Sophisticated tools for identifying productivity potential

There are numerous links along a supply chain where the potential for increasing productivity can be found. That is why Promatix develops specialised solutions and tools that allow you to track down such potential and harness it in a profitable way. Due to our many years of experience we know that this kind of room for manoeuvre can, for a variety of reasons, be found even in state-of-the-art and highly structured manufacturing firms.

Solutions for transparent processes

As experts in manufacturing systems engineering and industrial management, our wealth of practical experience has shown that issues in the production process that are at first thought to be small can soon grow to become major obstacles. To avoid unnecessary downtimes of your machines, we always offer well-conceived and practical solutions. We will provide continuous support for your productivity enhancement project right from the beginning. We will work with you to establish the initial conditions and requirements before linking up all the necessary machines/equipment and compiling project documentation. We will provide coaching for your staff, giving a detailed overview of all user interfaces and the specifics of your production line.

Implementing technological advances and inspiring your staff

Collecting data from all relevant machines and systems in real time ready for analysis is one thing. Training production staff in the process and convincing them of its advantages is quite another. Numerous examples from our practical experience prove that – thanks to the convincing results delivered by Promatix – initial scepticism amongst employees is assuaged quickly at the first signs of success. Motivation improves because the employees are actively engaged in and in control of the production process. Long-term improvements in productivity provide job security and help to ease the burden placed on the employees thanks to a reduced need for documentation, transparent processes and quicker setup times.

We want you to see for yourself the quality of service we provide. That’s why we are happy to offer you Promatix solutions for an initial trial period, after which you will be free to rent, lease or purchase our tools. Find out for yourself and identify the untapped potential in your business. Call us on +49 (0) 7392 – 709 16 38 or send us an e-mail at info(at)promatix(dot)de.